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When you have the idea of building a new real estate development you might have various options or just a few investment options, but...
  • Do have you enough equity?
  • Do you have the right investors?
  • Do you have enough funds?
  • Do you have enough information about the market?
  • Is it the right type of development for the area?
We understand that sometimes a real estate developer might want to increase the development's ROI (return on investment), reduce the risk of the project, or just validate the project's insights. That is why we encourage investors to take due diligence over the financial projections and we help them to feel confident about numbers and projections, saving millions for the project but also reducing the uncertainty on the project development.

Our areas of work include

  • Land selection & development validation
  • Financial structure Analysis
  • "Investors loving" and/or investors pitching
  • Demand Analysis
  • Projects' concept definition
  • Market data research
  • ROI Diagnostic
  • Market tests
  • Lean Real Estate Validation

Benefits & outcomes

  • Reduce equity investment
  • Reduce the investment's risk
  • Build the right project
  • Increase your profit

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