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About Us

 Our Approach

Empire Leads is an Australian Consulting Firm, driven by the high-quality real estate development projects. We are an exclusive real estate developer's support, you can rely on us with your pains! We will bring to your organisation new approaches and enhancement strategies that bring real results to your assets. We are the outcome of constant innovation for real estate developments.

Our Mission 

To assist developing profitable real estate projects which generate satisfaction on their clients, collaborators, and that transcends time.

Our Vision

Bring leadership in sales to our clients throughout iconic developments, bringing benefits to the buyers, stakeholders and the community.

Our Values

We believe that we’re in the market to make great developments, great in terms of quality and innovation, but not great in complexity. We need to own and control the expertise of the services we offer. We participate only in markets where we can make a significant contribution. We believe in saying 'no' to some projects so that we can really focus on the few that are truly important and meaningful to us. We believe in deep collaboration and cross-pollination in our groups, this allows us to innovate in a way that others cannot.


  • Profitable.
  • Solid.
  • Known by our quality.
  • High value added.

Our Difference

Our business is to bring value-added services, we do not bill for hours doing what we promised to do, we simply honour our deals, by getting the job done for you as planned.

Our Story

We started as part of a Real Estate family owned business which evolved into a consultancy firm to fulfil the unattended needs of the real estate developers & investors. We identified in this industry great builders could perform better on the business side with a methodologic support to enhance their project's returns and outcomes.  We only work for the real estate industry which sets us apart from the rest of the companies but also by our level of expertise.

Meet the Team

We have defined our business as value-added services, so we do not bill for hours doing what we have to do we honour hour deals and we just get the job done for you as the plan.

Giordanna Alonzo

Customer Service

Great team player, attention to detail always keen to work with new clients.

Alain Falcon MBA BBA

Managing Director Australia

Alain is a Master of Business Administration with expertise evidenced by his work and results. Strategic, innovative and high-achieving Business Consultant with outstanding commercial and financial insight, and over 12 years’ experience in business consulting.

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Rahul Heshu

Tech support

Passionate about strategy & leadership with support.

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Our History

We are a firm with more than 20 years of expertise in real estate, banking, marketing, finance, consulting, architecture, design, online management, innovation, project management, and artificial intelligence.

We grew from diverse activities in the real estate sector with great results, investing time and effort to create a unique system to optimise the project’s sales and bring back the opportunity to the real estate developers to have limitless returns.

After reviewing all the updated consulting methodologies and analysing the impact for the real estate industry we developed our own 10-steps consulting system. Our methodology has specific steps to reach better results and profits.

The Australian real estate market has grown but has yet to reach its full potential, so we decided to revolutionise the industry by increasing the value for our clients, for society and for the cities of Australia.

Our Methodology

Empire leads have designed a 10-step process (in patent process) by which we assess your project to define what are most suitable pads to achieve your goals

  • System-process
  • People
  • Market

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