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Once we have your final version of the real estate development we will review the innovation process, to make sure the development faces the local market's needs, the value proposition and is a unique concept. Having that background in place we are able to validate that information to make sure your project will sell faster. Some of the methodologies we might work with are:
  • Concept test & validation
  • Concept enhancement
  • Lean sell simulation
This process will give us the market's insight and validate the sales targets and validate the real estate development acceptance. To make sure everything is in place we will help you develop the real estate development management dashboard so that the management team can track and evaluate the development's performance.

Our areas of work include

  • Market validation for Amenities layout
  • Market validation for indoor & outdoor layout
  • Development's layout
  • Client's value perception


  • Risk reduction
  • Sales targets validation
  • Profit validation
  • Higher management control

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