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Logistic Centre / Industrial Development

Trekhein's Zero Equity investment.

After our support, our client was required to participate with, Zero Equity investment to obtain the investor's Approval we developed a business plan, investor's pitch, financial analysis and logistics centre project with an approved investment to support automotive industry logistics.

Creating a high-profit project and a great pitch development. this was a masterpiece of architectural and functional approach. This innovative development introduced a water recycling facility, natural light illumination, raw materials finishes and lean building concepts to bring comfort and a high ROI for the stakeholders.

  • Zero equity investment
  • Investors pitch
  • Concept creation
  • Financial projections
  • Investors finding

Our History

We are a firm with more than 20 years of expertise in real estate, banking, marketing, finance, consulting, architecture, design, online management, innovation, project management, and artificial intelligence.

We grew from diverse activities in the real estate sector with great results, investing time and effort to create a unique system to optimise the project’s sales and bring back the opportunity to the real estate developers to have limitless returns.

After reviewing all the updated consulting methodologies and analysing the impact for the real estate industry we developed our own 10-steps consulting system. Our methodology has specific steps to reach better results and profits.

The Australian real estate market has grown but has yet to reach its full potential, so we decided to revolutionise the industry by increasing the value for our clients, for society and for the cities of Australia.

Our Methodology

Empire leads have designed a 10-step process (in patent process) by which we assess your project to define what are most suitable pads to achieve your goals

  • System-process
  • People
  • Market

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