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Emerging Projects

Business plans

Your idea must have a Return On Investment approach, a marketing plan, and an execution plan as well as a commercial plan.  We can help you develop your business plan fulfilling the following fields:

  • Land options
  • Demand analysis
  • Financial Structure
  • Tech audit
  • Mapping-blueprint
  • Value proposition
  • Market analysis
  • Risk minimisation
  • Business model

Money Magnet

We help navigate through fund-raising, finance, and investor management. We will reduce your investment risk and increase your profit.

Investors' pitch

Once you have reached the right investors, it is important to sell the idea and secure financial backing. We can assist you in this.

Ongoing Projects

Strategy alignment

We explore the market needs and identify the right customer for your development, accelerating the sale by identifying the specific type of customer interested in your project.

Data Management

We understand that any project needs a foundation. That is why we focus our efforts on analyzing and presenting hard data:

  • Quantitative
  • Qualitative
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Trends

With the right components, such as automated sales, CRM optimisation, targeted advertising, sales support and auditing for your development in order to sell it ahead of time.

Innovation plans

To us - innovation means to find the true needs and striving to fulfil them so that the buyers will realise the value of your Real Estate Development and make the decision to purchase your development based on being something meaningful for them.


Sales optimisation

We have developed our own methodology with 10 steps to run your projects enhancing better results to make sure that your Real Estate development has all the support and success you wish to sell it faster and have the proper closure, maximising your profits.

Product concept

We have developed our own methodology to take into account all the stakeholders in your Real Estate Development and fill their needs, maximizing the real estate development´s profit.

Concept definition

We understand that the market options are not always a good fit for the real estate market.  That is why we help you create the right concept to meet their needs with the real estate development´s inner and outer amenities.

Getting the job done

Defining specific metrics, managing control dashboard, growth driven campaign design, commercial blueprint, risk assessments, validation, pivoting and more.


Business canvas

Defining the branding for your Real Estate Development, prelaunch expectations, creating traditional and online advertising campaigns, leading management automation, creating traffic generation campaigns, developing an online activity canvas.

Architectural input into unique concept and design, identifying the main amenities and the priorities for the customers, bringing value to the Real Estate development by covering the needs of customers and developers alike.

Identify financial drivers

We will increase your profit through management structure, commercial development areas, rentals income.


  • Business canvas validation
  • Real Estate Development revenue options.
  • Strategy audit and task break down.
  • Communication plan.

Real Estate Development timeline

Presell Stage 1

Commercial Strategy Kick-off, goal setting, visual & digital assets compilation, initiation event, social media and viral campaigns, artificial intelligence deployment, and metrics and analytics dashboard control.

Presell Stage 2

Profit accountability control: identify the current level of sales and optimization the revenue.

Campaign audit, traffic and presence.

After Launch

Presell audit

revenue targets review, real estate development data collection and optimisation.

Systematic maximisation

validation and automated revision result from analysis and control review, property traffic, sales assets optimisation, commercial team and funnels unification.


  • System audit on the commercial areas.
  • Metrics review and optimisation.
  • Project closure and cash out.
  • Analysing New Opportunities.

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Our History

We are a firm with more than 20 years of expertise in real estate, banking, marketing, finance, consulting, architecture, design, online management, innovation, project management, and artificial intelligence.

We grew from diverse activities in the real estate sector with great results, investing time and effort to create a unique system to optimise the project’s sales and bring back the opportunity to the real estate developers to have limitless returns.

After reviewing all the updated consulting methodologies and analysing the impact for the real estate industry we developed our own 10-steps consulting system. Our methodology has specific steps to reach better results and profits.

The Australian real estate market has grown but has yet to reach its full potential, so we decided to revolutionise the industry by increasing the value for our clients, for society and for the cities of Australia.

Our Methodology

Empire leads have designed a 10-step process (in patent process) by which we assess your project to define what are most suitable pads to achieve your goals

  • System-process
  • People
  • Market

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