You are blindfolded that’s why your sales are not working.

One of the questions any real estate developer should answer when we start working with them is if they have invested in any digital marketing strategy, the answer sounds is always like a proud father of his child, “of course we have made a Facebook profile, a google plus account and Instagram”. If this is what you had in mind let me tell you that you are a blind.

To explain why this is a mistake, most of the people looks at the digital marketing as a seller (you might also be thinking and why not at the end you are selling your real estate development), but if you had the chance of think about it way deeper from a different perspective, maybe more as customer or someone who is not involved in your business and remember how people usually behave? Think twice if you could have a glance at all that people are doing online on their smartphones and computers, at their rooms, at their homes, at their work, in the streets, in the mornings and at nights. What is it that you see? Are you now seeing it? Well having that glance might not be so simple to see but what if you at least try to remember the behaviour of someone close and even your own behaviour on these social media tools. I just can not remember in the last week if I ever click on any of the traditional boring ads. Most of these old fashion methods are no longer effective.

Something that it does is effective, and that I can recall myself doing is becoming more and more interested in products and services that I perceive as high value-added trough what they represent in the online content promoted by them, many times if I am interested I probably would look at the Ad and realise that it might have a lot of shares, likes, views and if some of my friends have actually looked at it which also reinforces my added value perception of the product or service.   This is the reality nowadays in social media and digital marketing for real estate developments which is a market strongly guided by well defined strong customer brackets and differentiators:

Tribes: related to groups of people with similarities and strong interests toward a specific topic which makes them feel identified with others and that find their way into an online community.

Audiences network: which are the communication channels that groups use to communicate and be in touch online to share information or simply be part of the group.

Lookalike Audiences is a new concept which is created online to mimic the behaviour, desires, needs, interactions, or interests, from an identified group of people which has proven to react towards something we have defined as interesting.

To be able to capitalize these concepts it is important that we analyze, and investigate about these thrives, audiences networks, and the look-alike Audiences; which requires a content strategy which positioners our brand or real estate development, not just boring senseless online ads.

This brings us to the next concept which is the concept of incentives, yes you read that right, incentives, this is a no-brainer, a way to influence a behaviour on anyone will also be possible through incentives (unless you’re their boss and they behave based on fear to get fired). Next time when you post something online think on what the desired outcome is and what is the incentive in your post you might get surprised but thinking like this will make you reach your sales targets faster in your real estate development.

Some facts about benefits of following this advice, paid online marketing is based on a multi-algorithms with endless variables but the main point is if your content is not interesting enough it will be way more expensive to pull the attention and therefore you might we wasting more than 60% of your content and because people are not interested they don’t see any interest in sharing the content with anyone, which increases your cost per acquisition sometimes up to 40% that’s why you want something that is more likely to be “shared” to the tribe. So if you follow the logic you can see that if you follow this concept you will really increase your online ROI dramatically just by being consistent with their interests on social media.

Once you have been able to create valuable content for a tribe, then this will become part of their shareable content and their digital interactions. This communication among the tribe will be simple interesting and natural to have around online and thus the interaction will never be unidirectional but multidirectional and the community will feel identified with it.

In Empire Leads we have done great efforts to have this in our commercial support services, and we have created a Digital Hub which is part of our turnkey services based on the Real Estate developments needs of accelerating their sales and increase their online ROI. We understand that traditional advertiser does not understand these concepts in the digital world or  they just ignored it maybe because they just didn’t want to work in depth with these complex tools and as a consequence they drive real estate developers to waste valuable time that extends their commercial cycle, increasing their development risk and increasing execution and closure costs. We know it might seem to be complex but our Digital Hub will address the right way to find your market's needs and reach them positively online. We are proud to mention as well that in our Digital Hub we have also succeeded in creating automated non-artificial intelligence solutions on which we are able to develop online content for the real estate developments who want to reach their very own tribes. The results of this seamless operation are ROI measurables and have been demonstrated to be way more effective than the old versions of traditional promotion and advertising (on throughout any other channel)

El Hub Digital is operational and effective worldwide and we can reach any market.

Welcome to our Hub! The Digital Hub of this new marketing era.


*Alain Falcon Empire Leads is a master in the business area and has brought to the real estate industry great expertise and knowledge that sells faster your development.

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