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Strategy to succeed in The Real Estate

It is good from time to time to know where we are standing on and read the pulse of your real estate development company. Make sure you ask your team to assess the skills that you have. We can benchmark on the strategy of SWOT What SWOT stands for? • Strength • Weaknesses • Opportunities • Threats The SWOT analysis is important to understand the internal and external variables on which your company is doing great and where it is not doing so great. Internal perspective Strengths understand what your company is valuable for; understand what is your company superior

How to make your real estate development a success?

This blog will help you succeed when addressing the real market of your future real estate developments, in the past decades the real estate market has mostly being in a constant rush but we start to see more and more some of the new buildings revaluating their values and the rents are if not growing but maintaining the same prices or even reducing its price. To understand part of this problem please think what has happened in the real estate market lately, developers have been doing what they do the best which is building and constructing what they know how

∞ Infinite Returns in Real Estate.

Return Over Investment is one of the biggest metrics to analyse financial success in projects, I get all the time questions in regard to knowing how to achieve it and if it is something related to any size of business. That’s why today I will talk about it and describes the key elements to make it successful. Let’s start from the stage of the project; it is important that as a Real Estate Developer you define a specific project that you want to dedicate to build it without investment. The lifecycle of most of the developments are usually 2 or

Option land! Tips to successfully make wealth.

What is the option land and how it works to grow your developing company? Some of the medium major developers have secured their steady growth through options to purchase a land through a convey for the right piece of property. An option agreement is when a Developer reaches a landowner and they both make an agreement over the piece of land. One of the agreements could be to grant to the developer the exclusive right for a defined period of time to buy a property usually at a fixed price. This agreement usually implicates a fee payment to secure the


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